Buffer glucose technology: Buffer systems with higher added value for your production lines.

Curing of the salami range: higher return.
All heated liver, meat and ham preparations obtain a higher added value versus existing production lines.
By applying the correct buffer pH value in your salami range and in all heated liver and meat preparations you get improved cutting properties, colour, taste and odour with a higher added value and a longer shelf life of all products mentioned below.

Guaranteed longer shelf life through the application of buffer phosphates and buffer glucose systems.

All heated meat preparations in nylon casings: min. 6 months, max. 9 months, fridge t° 2°C.
All heated liver preparations in nylon casings: min. 6 months, max. 9 months, fridge t° 2°C.
All heated baked liver preparations (vacuum packaging): min. 2 months, max. 3 months, fridge t° 2°C.
All meat products prepared in ham form (vacuum packaging): min. 2 months, max. 3 months, fridge t° 2°C.
All cooking systems for ham preparations: min. 9 months, max. 14 months, fridge t° 2°C.
Salami preparations, 2% higher profit on existing production systems - stable pH min. 4.9 - max. 5.2

Total guaranteed product improvement of economic, technological and sensory salami, liver and meat product preparations

Thanks to our 50 years of practical experience, we are able to offer you the world's safest and best product preparations for the following line productions through the Bufferglucose buffer system.

Product name Core t° of the product
Ham preparations heating up to 72 °C
All liver preparations heating up to 72 °C
Baked liver preparations heating up to 80 °C
All meat sausage preparations heating up to °C
All salami preparations buffer pH value of 4.9, max. 5.2

All preparations have been improved as to their economic, technological and sensory characteristics, as explained below:

Economic improvement

The correct choice of raw materials and composition of the product improves the yield, as does a more advantageous purchase system of raw materials such as buffer phosphates, Red Star Pickle and Dry Binder, and Gela Gelatin.
The total purchased quantity is estimated on a yearly basis and the best prices are offered.
Delivery is made monthly and on demand, with the guarantee that products of a constant quality are delivered

Technological improvement

Application of the appropriate buffer and Aw values for all product preparations ensures that the following advantages are obtained:

  • a shelf life of heated products that is twice as long
  • improved taste and colour
  • natural colour of the cutting surface maintained for a longer period of time
  • stable buffer pH value adapted to each product preparation.

Sensory improvement

  • improved cutting or spreading properties depending on the product (e.g. liver preparations)
  • more solid structure of each line product
  • no discoloration of the cutting surface
  • longer storage period in an ordinary refrigerator thanks to the sable pH buffer value
  • As the global leader in the field of buffer systems and buffer films based on the application of patents for fresh and all heated meat, liver and fish preparations, ripened and cured meat (salami) and fish products to protect food producers from food infections caused by germs and bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, E.Colli 0.157:H7, L. Monocytogenes in food products together with its international assisting R&D laboratories.

Application of the buffer system with regard to heated meat preparations that are sliced before packaging such as ham, bacon, freshly salted and/or smoked bacon ensures that there is no gas development and that the colour, taste and odour remain optimal during long-term storage, even in case of unfavourable temperature fluctuations.
You can benefit from these advantages without any major adjustments or capital investments. You only need to choose the appropriate formula and to add the appropriate additives to your preparations and you will obtain a stable buffer system thanks to Bufferglucose Syrup® and buffer phosphates.

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BUFFERGLUCOSE Syrup® for buffer systems in all heated meat and fish preparations as well as for the ketchup, mayonnaise, yoghurt and cheese industries.
Turn your ideas into reality with the improved Bufferglucose Syrup®
A totally improved and safer food production system thanks to Bufferglucose Syrup®
Bufferglucose Syrup® is an improved composition with food acids that are food grade all over the world thanks to the 5 food acids and 3 antioxidants on a glucose base with aromas (flavour enhancers).
Bufferglucose Syrup® is marketed under the name Bufferglucose Syrup® by PH Liquid Belgium Nv and its partner companies in the food industry.

What is Bufferglucose Syrup®?

  • Bufferglucose Syrup®is a concentrated and biologically balanced extract of a range of pure organic food acids, vitamins and aromas on a carbohydrate base.
  • Apart from the physiological effect against regular brine bacteria developments, it also has other regulatory effects that are very important for meat product preparation technology.
  • The mildly reducing effects of the acids it contains ensure regular nitrate reactions. These organic acids are chosen quantitatively and qualitatively in such a manner that the meat's pH value always remains within its natural limits.
  • Thanks to its correct and controlled composition, Bufferglucose Syrup® avoids possible errors and links high safety with a guaranteed effect.
  • In view of the strong effects, the prescribed quantities as well as the working method need to be observed closely so as to use the advantages of Bufferglucose Syrup® to the full.
  • The simultaneous use of Bufferglucose Syrup® and buffer phosphates results in the creation of a buffer stabilising the essential pH on its value, even in case of unfavourable circumstances.

  • In cooperation with Bufferglucose Syrup®, which is a sweet and sour medium, the mildly alkaline buffer phosphates constitute a buffer of the desired pH which stabilises the pH on the effective value through its buffering effect even in case of unfavourable conditions.
  • Bufferglucose Syrup® is used in the production of pickled and smoked products and offers extraordinary benefits versus other products used for this purpose, in particular with regard to heated ham. Not only the preparation process, but also the quality and digestibility of the meat products that are prepared with Bufferglucose Syrup® improve significantly.
  • As it is only composed of natural substances such as vitamins and organic acids, Bufferglucose Syrup® is legally allowed and there are no physiological objections against its use.
  • The addition of Bufferglucose Syrup® accelerates the coloration process of pickled goods as initiated by nitrate or nitrite. In this process, excess nitrite in the sausage and meat mass is reduced significantly or even removed in its entirety. The level of residual nitrite in finished sausages can decrease by 30 to 50%. It was furthermore found that the permissible quantity of physically harmful nitrite can almost be reduced by half in case of use of Bufferglucose Syrup®.
  • Meat products treated with Bufferglucose Syrup® not only look tastier; they have a better aroma and a refined taste. This is especially remarkable with products that have been in storage for quite some time.
  • In the case of heated sausages Bufferglucose Syrup® results in a tender and yet crisp casing, while uncooked sausages obtain a spicier aromatic taste (salami ranges).
  • Thanks to its antioxidant characteristics, Bufferglucose Syrup® slows down the process of going rancid, so that longer freshness is ensured with a guaranteed buffer system.
Benefits of the application

Food acids are generally known to inhibit and prevent the growth or spread of Listeria, Clostridium, Salmonella and E-Coli when combined with antioxidants.

  • stable buffer pH value for all fresh and heated meat products with a final buffer pH value of 6.2
  • improved colour preservation
  • improved taste
  • improved odour
  • no discoloration of the cutting surface after the products are cut in case of further storage under the counter
  • improved cutting properties of heated products in case of slicing system
  • in full control of the yeast and mould development
  • no gas development in case of pre-packaging of heated products such as hams, mortadella and frankfurter sausages during the normal storage period
  • prolonged shelf life of your products
  • control of Lactobacilicus lactis, Clostridium botulinum, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteridis, Staphylococcus aereus and Escherichia coli micro-organisms.
Product data: technical file upon request.
Patent. Certificate. Patents pending for buffer systems. This improved product features all benefits of the former PH Liquid products published on the www.ph-liquid.Com site.
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