Hamprocessing with PH Liquid High Technology®

100% safer hamprocessing with correct buffer pH values. Min. pH 6 - max. pH 6.4 buffer pH value.
Determine the buffer pH value yourself by applying the correct dosage of PH Liquid Extract 6014®.
Dosage of PH Liquid Extract code 6014® : min. 0,3 to max. 0,5% on the finished ham product.

Safety for the future - PH Liquid High Technology®.

  • for a stable buffer pH value
  • prevents the growth of Salmonella and Listeria
    This is a very important guarantee.
  • Extends shelf life
  • Improves color, taste and odour of all prepared products where PH Liquid Extract® is added to the manufacturing process.
Composition ingredients of PH Liquid Extract 6014/601® : Glucose-fructose syrup, food acids, antioxidants, anti-bacterial fruit-, plant-, and herbal extracts.
PH Liquid Extract 6014/601® has been formulated on the basis of modern, dynamic and high quality technology.
PH Liquid Technology® is founded on more than 50 years of meat industry experience and research.

For samples of 5kg of PH Liquid Extract code 6014® please send mail to info@PH-Liquid.com

If you want to receive a copy of the script of PH Liquid Technology® mail to : info@ph-liquid.com