PH Liquid System

Full-guarantee PH Liquid High Technology® for salami preparations

All-in system for salami products
buffer systems with pH 4.9 — 5.1


For this purpose, 5 proprietary products are used :

  1. PH Liquid Extract 60148 or 601
  2. Buffer phosphate 60151
  3. Red Star Dry Binder
  4. Gela Pur C
  5. Lactoworst

Total improvement of economic, technological and sensory properties of salami preparations.

Thanks to our 35 years of practical experience, we are able to offer you, through the PH Liquid buffer system, the world’s safest and best product preparations for the following line productions : salami preparations with a buffer pH value of 4.9, maximally 5.1

All salami preparations have been improved as to their economic, technological and sensory characteristics, as explained below :


Economic improvement :

The correct choice of raw materials and the correct composition of the product improve the yield, as does a more advantageous purchase system of raw materials, such as PH Liquid Extract, Buffer phosphates, Red Star Pickle and Dry Binder, Gela Pur C.

The total purchased quantity is estimated on a yearly basis and the best prices are offered. Delivery is made monthly and on demand, with the guarantee that products of a constant quality are delivered.


Technological improvement :

By applying the appropriate buffer and Aw values for salami preparations, the following advantages are obtained :

  • a shelf life that is twice as long
  • improved taste and colour
  • natural colour of the cutting surface maintained during a longer period of time
  • stable PH value adapted to each individual salami preparation
  • low Aw value — sells quicker


Sensory improvement :

  • improved cutting surface
  • more solid structure of each line product
  • no discoloration of the cutting surface
  • longer storage period in an ordinary refrigerator, thanks to the stable pH buffer value

You can also benefit from these advantages, without any major adjustments or capital investments. Just by choosing the appropriate formula and by adding the appropriate additives to your preparations, you will obtain a stable buffer system thanks to PH Liquid Extract, Buffer Phosphates, Red Star Dry Binder, Lactoworst and Gela Pur C.

Proprietary products to be used as desired, depending on the type of salami, dried sausage, beer sausage or ring-shaped sausage.

PH Liquid Extract

Product composition



Nutritional acids






Buffer phosphate 60151

Product composition

Mix of gamma phosphates


Red Star Dry Binder

Product composition

Mix of animal proteins



Product composition

Mix of proteins and carbohydrates


Gela Pur C

Product composition

Mix of hydrolysis products


Example of composition of salami preparation

Standard salami Dried sausages/ring-shaped sausage :
Composition : Composition :

100 kg of meat/fat

3.5 kg of Red Star Dry Binder

300 g of PH Liquid 60148

150 g of Buffer phosphate 60151

500 g of dextrose

2 kg of nitrite salt

1 kg of standard salt

300 g of starter cultures

300 g of MSG

600 g of spices — own choice

pH of the final product ready for sale : 5.1

100 kg of meat/fat

2.5 kg of Lactoworst

1.5 kg of Gela Pur C

2.2 kg of nitrite salt

300 g of PH Liquid 60148

150 g of Buffer phosphate 60151

500 g of spices — own choice

pH of the final product ready for sale : 5.4



Further processing in drying chamber, smoking chamber, temperatures : as in your ordinary production process. In other words, no changes are made to the preparation and finishing process.

Since you determine the taste yourself, it is automatically adjusted to your region or country. For example, you can add garlic or onion aroma as well as wines or alcoholic flavour enhancers.

This production system offers a full guarantee for the perfect salami curing, with the following advantages :

  1. higher economic yield
  2. lower Aw-value
  3. better and quicker cutting resistance
  4. no discoloration of the cutting surface after 12 hours
  5. extra white fat, thanks to the reducing action of PH Liquid Extract
  6. no risk of rancidness, also thanks to the reducing action of PH Liquid
  7. no falling apart of fat cubes in machine slicing for automatic prepackaging
  8. constant quality of the salami products

Attention !!!

For your trial order : it has been composed for a preparation of 100 kg or 50 kg in your pilot line. This means that you will receive a package containing all proprietary products, to which you only need to add the spices and possible other flavour enhancers.

You can ask for samples via the following e-mail address : Do not forget to mention for which type of salami you want to receive the package.




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