Improved production system for line-production of hams cook-in system.

Brandname and production system for :
Pic-nic hams cook-in system : zero cook loss
with Red Star 60157 - Bufferliquid Extract.

Hereafter follows a complete production-system.

Put 150 kg minced pork shoulder through 18 mm disk + 200 kg pickle construction made of additives mentioned below :

150 kg water min. 5 °C max. 10 °C.
2 kg Protex Carrageenans code 60
15 kg Red Star 60157 which is a blend from Carrageenan, Sojaprotein, Bufferphosphate 60151, carbohydrates and Protex Carrageen code 60
8 kg nitrite salt 0,6 % pure nitrite
5 kg Bufferliquid Extract
40 gr natural smoke aroma

330,4 kg(enclosed 150 kg minced pork meat).

Total costprice for 180 kg pickle composition :60$ or 35£ up to day

Production system :

Step 1
Add to the 150 kg minced pork meat in mincer 150 kg pickle construction en mix during 10 minutes in order that the meat totally absorbes the pickle. Add rest of pickle mass. Mince for another half hour till a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step 2
Add 12 kg of potato starch now plus 3 kg soja isolates. Total mass of endproduct is 345 kg. This mass will be continuously mixed for 2 to maximum 3 hours.

Step 3
Fill off immediately in vacuüm packing, preferably cube model 12 on 12 cm, length 40 cm. These vacuüm forms will be put to rest in refrigerator for min. 10 hours and maximum 24 hours for further colouring and curing for improvement of taste and flavour.
Temperature of refrigerator : min. 0 °C and max. 5 °C.

Step 4
Heating system : water or steam : Centert° till 70 °C, temperature outside water or steam : 78 °C. BufferpH of endproduct : minimum 6.0 and maximum 6.1. Reason : has a higher AW-value in production ham system, see extra pickle composition 140 l water.

Step 5
After heatingsystem hams have to be immediately cooled down in cold water bath.

Step 6
This production system is guaranteed if blocks are kept in a refrigerator. Temperature 0 °C to max. 2 °C.
Storage : minimum 12 months maximum 18 months.

Step 7
To add extra meat flavour to this pic-nic ham we strongly advise to add an extra 3 % pork stock proteines as flavour improver.
This protein has no waterbinding capacities, raises the 3 percentage of protein but most important improves the taste.

Step 8
This is a complete new system that can be totaly applicable to production lines without the least of problems.

Conservation : cookin-in system minimum 1 year maximum 18 months with a stable buffer-pH of minimum 6 maximum 6.1.

Discussion : This system is a high technological system for all your cooked ham systems. Is conform to the meatbook "The Up to Date Meat Industry" - Technology - Economy - Line production : Edition 1984-1994 : page 117 : value - money - value theory-practice-theory

This work system gives more value to your endproduct pic-nic ham. New construction for pickle composition which is more proteins, more carbohydrates, alimentory acids, more vitamines, starch, minerals.
This pickle composition offers the user of pic-nic ham an alimentory value.

Very important : this production system and pickle construction is the same for turkey hams and chickenham. Only turkey and chicken meat has to be minced through 20 mm disk.

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Red Star Pickle Binder

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