Up to date meat industry.

The use of PH Liquid buffer technology and buffer films gives you 10 advantages for product improvement.


  1. Improvement of taste, odour and colour.
  2. No discoloration of the product once it has been cut
  3. Longer preservation through the application of a stable buffer pH
  4. Simple application of the buffer pH valued in all preparations
  5. Longer preservation of prepackaged products (vacuum)
  6. No formation of gas in case of prolonged reservation of the vacuum-packed range of products
  7. No acidification of the fatty acids; this goes for all salami preparations.
  8. No deposit of jelly or fat in all heated products.
  9. All production lines are based on our 35 years of experience in buffer systems and buffer films and are installed in your company with 100 % guarantee by meat technologists appointed by PH Liquid Belgium NV, all over the world.
  10. All buffered PH Liquid production lines give a higher added value to the end product

Our branded products and packages of PH Liquid Extract®, Bufferliquid Extract®, Buffer phosphates®, Red Star Dry and Pickle Binder®, Gela Gelatin®, Protex® code 60, lacto-sausage.

At your request, the products specifications as well as the specific applications for preparations are sent to you


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