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Bufferliquid Extract®


PH Liquid technology : world leader for buffer systems and buffer films for all heated liver and meat preparations as well as fresh, non-heated, vacuum-packed meat preparations.

As from the year 2002, we will provide you with an improved and more supported technology for all liver and meat preparations by means of the new improved product «  Buffer Liquid Extract® », which guarantees a complete and improved total control of yeast and fungus growth as well as a larger check on Listeria, Salmonella, E.Colli 0.157 en L. monocytogenes when used in combination with Buffer Phosphate® 60152.


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Buffer Liquid Extract®


Buffer Liquid Extract® is a pure and concentrated composition of potassium and sodium lactate with pH Liquid Extract® (syrup in its existing, well-known composition).
Composition of Buffer Liquid Extract® : K + Na lactate, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, ascorbate and aromatics + 5 different flavour enhancers.


EEC additive number E 325, E 326, E 316, E 270, E 300, E 330, E 334

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The production lines of liver and meat preparations, in which Buffer Liquid Extract® and Buffer Phosphate 60152® are used simultaneously, provide a total, secure system with 8 universally improved keystones for planning and production managers :

  1. Adjusted, stable buffer pH of each final product.
  2. No discoloration of the cut surface for all preparations.
  3. Fat of salami preparations does not become rancid.
  4. No moisture loss in prepackaged vacuum products such as preheated ham preparations.
  5. 1 year storage life for ham-cook-in system, liver preparations and Mortadella.
  6. No formation of gas in prepackaged, fresh and heated prepared products.
  7. Total safety and security upon quality inspection is guaranteed for the planning and production manager.
    We assume all responsibility for the use of this new improved buffer technology. We can provide this guarantee because we have acquired this experience with Buffer Liquid Extract® and Buffer Phosphates® 60152 for many years on the world market.
  8. This applies especially to the following line productions :
    • all heated ham preparations
    • all heated liver preparations
    • all heated meat preparations
    • all freshly minced vacuum-packed meat preparations
    • all salami preparations
For trial orders of Buffer Liquid Extract® and Buffer Phosphates® 60152 :
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At your request, the production systems for your pilot line will be sent to you free of charge.

Walther Van Kerrebroeck
Technology and strategy for PH Liquid Belgium Nv




Without PH Liquid Buffersystem and without Gela Pur C

With PH Liquid Buffersystem and with Gela Pur C


BufferLiquid Extract®
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